Saturday, December 26, 2009

Updated Timeline of Pathfinder Incident (as of 12/26 at 1420)

Initial Call @ 1814

Call into CMS @ 1830

***Weather SE 30 Seas 3-4 Rain***

Position when grounded:




1814 Pathfinder aground Bligh Reef

1815 Aware u/w-turned around per SERVS back to dock

1830 Free from reef leaking diesel (amount??)

1845 Looking to ID source

1845 Pathfinder reports 2 center pressurized indicating leak

1845 Pathfinder off reef

1938 Stephen Wilson-activated

O’Brien’s & Chadux

O’Brien’s-Mark Delozier-In Valdez and u/w to SERVS

1937 Sent APSC Response Coordinator (Rob Burkes) to Valdez Star

1938 Invader u/w ETA 2200

1945 Pathfinder anchored

2000 Valdez Star underway ETA 2300

2015 R & R Divers activated

2030 Alaska Challenger-Activated & ready

Diver activation-2hr

ETA to SERVS dock-transit time to Pathfinder 2hrs

2040 CMC-Risk-Ned Penitsch-Voice Message

2045 Doug Davis/Legal Counsel Comms

2140 D & A Test-Pathfinder reported completed (breathalyzer and urine sample)

2147 Invader on scene

Sight characterization completed and reported to duty office-atmosphere readings normal

2211 Valdez Star on scene

1 APSC Response Coordinator

2300 Alaska Challenger u/w ETA 0130

R&R Divers & CMS Port Engineer Mike Huisingh


0030 Alert ETA 0230

1900 ft CSI Boom

4 Totes Anchor (4-50lb anchors per tote)

Sausage Boom (25 bags-40ft per bag)

4 TCC personnel/1 APSC Response Coordinator

For Valdez Star Crew-Brian Bancroft Trainee 2/M (off Nanuq)/Chris Holmes Trainee Captain (Stalwart)

0048 Global Offshore Diving and Salvage on Stand-By

0113 Conference-Art Knowle, Gail Colby and Charlie Nalen-TAPS owners/Kathy Zinn (Valdez Terminal Manager) agree to allow access to spill response resources (Verbal Agreement-awaiting written request from Charlie Nalen)

0330 R & R Diving Report-extensive bottom damage

0430 Alaska Challenger Departure from scene

R & R Diving ETA Port 0630

0600 Safety/Pre-ops briefing-discussed mission for fishing vessels w/captains

0640 Fishing Vessels Deployed

Lisa Michelle (Scott Caruthers)-Boom Tender

Steven Daniel (Steve Alley)-Current Buster

Alaskan Spirit (Pat Day)-Current Buster

Northern Girl (Delbert Ferrier)-Boom Tender

Deserie Lynne (Kyle Rennie)-Skimmer and Mini Barge System

Lucky (Bill Copeland)

0645 2 Kjichak boats deployed

Jerry Saylors and Doc Cummings (SERVS Response Coordinators)

0700 Weather-5 knots NE calm light rain

Pathfinder at anchor in Busby Island Bay

Zero witnessed sheen or oil on surface

0730 Alaska Challenger returns to port

0805 Boom deployment complete

0900 ETA Chadux Chartered Flights

0930 Mark Delozier over flight-chartered SERVS helo

0940 Endurance ETD Port (ETA Busby 1215)

Current Buster

Mini Barge

Wilden (diaphragm) Pump

Parastatic Pump

1000 ft suction/50 ft discharge

0958 Weather Report-Bligh Reef winds out of 010 degrees true 16 knots gusting 18 knots

1000 Endurance tasked to investigate sheen

1015 helo over flight reported 3 miles long sheen approx 1-1 ½ mile off Glacier Island between Finski Point and Bullhead-grey rainbow sheen mix

1115 Chadux Charter Plane (1st plane) arrives

1130 (approx time) Valdez Star skimming the area

1158 Chadux Charter Plane (2nd plane)-Fly Over Flight arrives

1200 Coast Guard helo fly over

1237 Walt Tague proceeds as Incident Commander

1300 Journey departure to Busby Island w/8 Chadux personnel

1300 Over flight-SERVS helo

1330 Unified Command Meeting

1410 Coast Guard C-130 reports sheen has diminished in size

1700 Tow Plan/Transit Plan Teleconference w/Coast Guard

1730 Captain Ted Chambers arrives relief of Pathfinder Captain

TBD Lighter approx 8 hrs after prep and Coast Guard approval

1800 Prep for lightering

1830 Journey u/w to port

1900 Mike Huisingh (Port Engineer), Rich Hendren (Director, ESQA Alaska) and Ted Chambers (Captain) departure to Busby Bay

1925 Coast Guard gives provisional approval (subject to discussed changes) of Transfer & Transit Plan

2000 ETA F/V Bartender & F/V Wits End Busby Bay


0034 Lightering started-3 center fuel tank

0045 Lightering stopped

Sheen in boomed area

0745 Kimberlin’s Cat u/w to Valdez

1000 SERVS fly over (max 50ft)

Sheen south of vessel

Sheen w/w boomed area

Vessel discharging sheen

1010 Coast Guard over flight

1300 Lightering Plan Revised by Coast Guard

1530 Sawmill Creek arrives at Busby Island

1605 Lightering resumes

3 Center Tank flow strong

1837 3 Center Lightering complete

1853 2 Tier Boom in place and anchored

1915 Lightering started-2 center

2113 Lightering stopped-2 center

Diesel from 3C=18,937

Diesel from 2C=17,120

Water from both=13,300



0700 Morning Briefing

0700 No visible sheen w/in boom

0915 Report of burp of fuel w/in boom (approx 1 gal)

Deployed drum skimmer & absorbs

0930 SERVS helo over flight w/Steve Hood (SERVS)

1000 Tow Plan Revision 1

1055 Waste Mgt plan approved

1218 Coast Guard Cutter Long Island arrives to Busby Island

1302 2 Coast Guard personnel onboard Pathfinder-move to Invader before transit

1340 Transit brief

1400 Weighing Anchor

1404 Pathfinder/Invader u/w to Valdez (5hr transit time)

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