Thursday, December 24, 2009

Updated Timeline of Pathfinder Incident (as of 12/24 at 1927)

Initial Call @ 1814

Call into CMS @ 1830

***Weather SE 30 Seas 3-4 Rain***

Position when grounded:




1814 Pathfinder aground Bligh Reef

1815 Aware u/w-turned around per SERVS back to dock

1830 Free from reef leaking diesel (amount??)

1845 Looking to ID source

1845 Pathfinder reports 2 center pressurized indicating leak

1845 Pathfinder off reef

1938 Stephen Wilson-activated

O’Brien’s & Chadux

O’Brien’s-Mark Delozier-In Valdez and u/w to SERVS

1937 Sent APSC Response Coordinator (Rob Burkes) to Valdez Star

1938 Invader u/w ETA 2200

1945 Pathfinder anchored

2000 Valdez Star underway ETA 2300

2015 R & R Divers activated

2030 Alaska Challenger-Activated & ready

Diver activation-2hr

ETA to SERVS dock-transit time to Pathfinder 2hrs

2040 CMC-Risk-Ned Penitsch-Voice Message

2045 Doug Davis/Legal Counsel Comms

2140 D & A Test-Pathfinder reported completed (breathalyzer and urine sample)

2147 Invader on scene

Sight characterization completed and reported to duty office-atmosphere readings normal

2211 Valdez Star on scene

1 APSC Response Coordinator

2300 Alaska Challenger u/w ETA 0130

R&R Divers & CMS Port Engineer Mike Huisingh


0030 Alert ETA 0230

1900 ft CSI Boom

4 Totes Anchor (4-50lb anchors per tote)

Sausage Boom (25 bags-40ft per bag)

4 TCC personnel/1 APSC Response Coordinator

For Valdez Star Crew-Brian Bancroft Trainee 2/M (off Nanuq)/Chris Holmes Trainee Captain (Stalwart)

0048 Global Offshore Diving and Salvage on Stand-By

0113 Conference-Art Knowle, Gail Colby and Charlie Nalen-TAPS owners/Kathy Zinn (Valdez Terminal Manager) agree to allow access to spill response resources (Verbal Agreement-awaiting written request from Charlie Nalen)

0330 R & R Diving Report-extensive bottom damage

0430 Alaska Challenger Departure from scene

R & R Diving ETA Port 0630

0600 Safety/Pre-ops briefing-discussed mission for fishing vessels w/captains

0640 Fishing Vessels Deployed

Lisa Michelle (Scott Caruthers)-Boom Tender

Steven Daniel (Steve Alley)-Current Buster

Alaskan Spirit (Pat Day)-Current Buster

Northern Girl (Delbert Ferrier)-Boom Tender

Deserie Lynne (Kyle Rennie)-Skimmer and Mini Barge System

Lucky (Bill Copeland)

0645 2 Kjichak boats deployed

Jerry Saylors and Doc Cummings (SERVS Response Coordinators)

0700 Weather-5 knots NE calm light rain

Pathfinder at anchor in Busby Island Bay

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